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Recent Customer Requests for Pest Control

I have a bad ant problem. Last year was really bad & this year already much worse! Up till today we only had the little ants but today there are the big ones too. I kill hundreds a day...even when just one crumb is left out. I find them in our living room & bedroom and bathrooms where there are no foodstuffs whatsoever. I'm going crazy here! Ha! Please help :)

Ashley S

Ants in the kitchen for about three weeks now. Don't appear to be carpenter ants, but I may not be smart enough to know the difference. Killing about 20 ants per day in the house.

Kevin H

Have been noticing bed bug bites in my bed. Please give me an estimate. Thank you.

Eileen M

I need help in catching or killing rats

Yolanda R

Tiny cockroaches coming up bathroom sink drain upper level of house. Also, basement bathroom and kitchen. Most are gone from a previous pest control company who sprayed. But saw a couple more yesterday. We want to get rid of the source. Advice in prevention.

Alicia S

I have a problem with vols in my property. They are tunneling and causing turf damage.

Steven N

I am inundated with what I call sugar ants. I have tried the strongest product available through my local ACE Hardware store, but to no avail. I would like an opportunity to speak with some reputable firms but I would like to do some due diligence on the company prior to having someone come to my home. I would also like an cost estimate so I can compare. But this is something that I need done YESTERDAY. Thank you.

Basia M

I have a squirrel who is living in my wall above the vent for the stove. Think it is gone, but need to know for sure.

Trent O

I own a three story house with my husband and we believe that squirrels have worked their way into our second floor ceiling. I would like to schedule a consultation, as soon as possible, so that we can determine next steps. We can be available at any time. This is a serious request that I would like to get rectified as soon as possible before the weather gets cold (and before I give birth within the next three weeks :-)).

Tonya J

Our cockroach problem is getting worse. They are almost entirely in our kitchen. We would like to talk to someone about extermination.

Bruce G

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